Rhythm&Reading™ is an engaging, interactive children’s program where kids learn basics of literacy education in a fun environment of movement, drumming, and other rhythmic activities. It has been proven that rhythms play a fundamental role in the development of reading skills.

Rhythm&Reading was created in 2018 as a natural evolution of the CrownCARES outreach program. A grant of several thousand books from a national foundation combined with Carolina Crown’s established music programs enabled the development of this wildly successful children’s literacy program.

As of early 2023, 12K books have been distributed to children in Pre-K to 3rd grade at four live events each year.

Our live events combine buckets, drums, and high-energy facilitators to engage children in this important reading program. 

Rhythm&Reading Event
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Children are entertained while learning and will walk away with books and other items to keep them engaged in the literary process. 

Through both video and live events, Rhythm&Reading is striving to crush the unacceptable literacy gap plaguing our nation.

Our Compelling Why

It is unacceptable that 1 child in 4 can’t read, and that 2/3 of all children that can’t read by the 4th grade end up on welfare or in jail. 

Rhythm&Reading™ has been developed to attack this devastating problem! Our fun and interactive program sets children up for reading success!”

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