A Sound
for the Soul

CrownCARES Program

JoyFull is a performance ensemble that was created for age 13+ individuals with differing abilities to provide inspiration, encouragement, and performance opportunities, allowing for musical expression and “normalization.”

JoyFull performs at various community events throughout the year enabling the members to perform in front of crowds numbering from just a few (store openings) to many thousands. In every case, our members benefit from the applause and positive encouragement from their fans! Everyone needs to be celebrated!


“I long for the day that everyone can be celebrated and valued for exactly who they are.  Watching the JOY that music brings my son, Luke, it changes everything inside of me.  I want the world to see exactly what I see.  Celebrating the “perfectly imperfect” brings a new perspective to life.  JOYFULL…A Sound for the Soul, will bring people to their feet in celebration of the special individuals that they are.” – Lisa Hathaway (Founding Partner)

Lisa and Noah
Lisa & Luke

Special needs parent, Special Education teacher at Lexington Senior High School, passionate about valuing people for who God created them to be. JoyFull has been a dream of mine for several years so I am so excited to share these precious young adults with the world.

Speech/language pathologist with Davie County Schools.  I have a passion for helping students find their voices to communicate, however that may be.  I am very excited to be a part of this groundbreaking opportunity in Winston-Salem to give my son a musical experience just like his siblings.

Kris and Noah
Kris & Noah
CrownCARES Program

Where words fail, music speaks.

– Hans Christian Anderson

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