Impacting a Generation


Hello! On behalf of the entire CrownCARES team, welcome to our new website!

I am excited to share that as the needs of many communities have grown due to the socio-economic challenges we’re experiencing as a nation and world, so has our commitment to serve those with great need. Having already served over 10,000 children with shoes, socks, a message of hope, and mostly books, CrownCARES is building a foundation of outreach that we believe will be instrumental in meeting needs of many economically-challenged communities. To get started, please consider supporting us through these new initiatives.

Please join our mission of “Impacting a Generation” by supporting our initiatives, confident that EVERY DOLLAR we generate goes directly toward the service of others!

Jim Williams,

President and Visionary-CrownCARES Inc.

Coffee with a Cause

Relentless Barista: Coffee with a Mission!

When you buy coffee through, every dollar over production cost goes directly toward the development and printing of children’s books that we give to children free of charge through our live events. Our world blend coffees are roasted the day of delivery and include free shipping throughout the continental United States!

Get the book!

The Rhythm of Reading

We hope you, and the children in your life, enjoy this FREE interactive version of The Rhythm of Reading!  Will you consider being a Literacy Hero?  Please click on the Donation page as every dollar received goes directly to printing hard-copy books for distribution to children in economically-challenged communities. YOU can make a difference!