Impacting a Generation



CrownCARES contributes to the overall Carolina Crown mission of Developing Lifelong Excellence by engaging our members and volunteers in outreach programs impacting children in socio-economically challenged communities. 

We do this by conducting our own independent outreach events and by partnering with other credible organizations, amplifying their message through our engaging and entertaining programming, event expertise, loyal volunteer base, and strong social media platform. Our focus includes childhood literacy and meeting the basic needs of under-privileged children in tangible ways.

Letter from the Executive Director

Hello! On behalf of the entire Carolina Crown organization, welcome to CrownCARES!

I am happy to share that as the needs of many communities have grown due to the socio-economic challenges we are experiencing as a nation, so has our commitment to meeting the needs of those most vulnerable. Having already served over 10,000 children with shoes, socks, books, and a message of hope, CrownCARES is building a foundation of outreach that is impacting communities throughout the Carolinas and beyond.

Our reading initiative, Rhythm&Reading™, is attacking the unacceptable childhood literacy gap affecting nearly every demographic. Made worse from a multi-year loss of learning fueled by world events, this problem is devastating an entire generation. The good news is that together, we can make an impact!

JoyFull, a Sound for the Soul, was created to encourage and engage young people with differing abilities through practical skills development and performance opportunities. We believe that providing special moments for these incredible youngsters to be applauded and celebrated provides its own reward.

It is my hope that once you learn of the practical ways the Crown organization is impacting young people, you will feel compelled to join us on our mission of…Developing Lifelong Excellence!


Jim Williams

CEO | Executive Director

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